Clinical Decision Support System

Lab Testing Workflow


Care provider cost savings


  • Blood tests are most typical
  • Can measure cells, lipids, proteins, sugars, hormones, tumor markers, etc.
  • Used to diagnose and treat diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, cancers, etc.
  • Commonly prescribed by physician, self-prescriptions are growing

Blood work costs


  • Total billed costs: $312-$1,200 ($755 on average).
  • For patient, out-of-pocket costs: copay (average $30), or coinsurance (10%-50%); deductibles apply


  • Total billed costs: $700-$2,589 ($1,543 on average).
  • For patient, additional costs can be +$100-$3,000, (number and type of tests; doctor visits to order and interpret results; emergency tests)

10 Billions of Lab Tests are performed each year in the U.S only.

MD4ME business model: cost reduction

What is MD4ME?

Computerized information management system designed for labs

  • Manages lab data from sample log-in to doctor report
  • Interfaces with analytical instruments
  • Sorts and organizes data into hospital specific M.I.S. formats
  • Checks for data integrity
  • Stores data for future reference and use (HIPAA compliant)
  • Provides initial diagnosis for a doctor
  • Learning algorithms crunch through millions of tests, compare results with diagnoses and improve clinical prediction

Healthcare Outsourcing Market will be a $50.4 Billion behemoth by 2018

Big Data of Raw Lab Tests results

MD4ME CDSS Solution

MD4ME CDSS structure

Lab Data Tests Analysis and Reporting

  1. Lab Data Validation
  2. Find possible deviations and disorders
  3. Risk stratification of disorders based on lab tests data
  4. Recommendations to patients (e.g. location of follow-up visit, physician specialty)
  5. Recommendations to doctor

Processed data is a LOT more valuable!


  1. Laboratory providers
    Lab Corp, Quest Diagnostics, BioReference Laboratories and other regional lab providers
  2. LIMS vendors
    Abbot Informatics Corporation, Blaze System Corporation, BTLIMS Technologies, ApolloLIMS, Genohm SA and others. About 120 vendors in US and 5 in Switzerland
  3. Selling data to Pharma (mid or long-term goal)
  4. Self-service Patients (when becomes wide-spread)

Value proposition

  1. Provides cost savings to labs (and hospitals)
  2. Improves the efficiency (hence productivity)
  3. Improves data quality (all instruments are integrated)
  4. Saves time (results are obtained immediately)
  5. Improves level of data access for all stakeholders
  6. Automated client reports (TAT, Work Load, Word, Excel)

Our team

  • Alexander Luchinin (Russia)
    CEO, MD
  • Alex Kosik (USA)
    U.S. Bis.Dev., Angel, Mentor, MD
  • Dmitry Tsypin (Russia)
    Product Strategy, part-time CTO
  • Igor Andreev (Russia)
    CTO, R&D
  • Daniil Mashkin (Russia)
    IT, R&D
  • Oleg Kolupaev (USA)
    Market & Medical Analyst

Advantages of MD4ME

  • Fewer transcription errors & faster processing with direct instrument uploads
  • Real time control of data quality with built in QC criteria
  • Direct report generation meeting specific client requirements
  • Direct electronic reporting to clients or direct client access to data through MD4ME cloud service

The business model

MD4ME Investment Opportunity

  • Potential
    New technology platform to increase test management revenues
  • R&D
    Skolkovo IT cluster, Kirov Research Institute of Hematology
  • Execution
    World-class team of managers, engineers and MD’s
  • $1М Series A
    Open: 2016 (preferred stock); RUR 30m Skolkovo grant to follow
    Offer: 5x full participation rights for Series A Preferred investor
    Milestones: Commercial service development; Joint ventures with pilot hospital/lab, Pre-FDA steps for CDSS Pilot implementation; acquire NIH/SBIR grants
  • $7M Series B
    Planned: 2018 (common stock); RUR 100m Skolkovo+RVC grant sought
    Milestones: Industry wide implementation, Global market introduction 510(k) approval for CDSS under FDA protocol;
  • Exit
    Immediate M&A on FDA approval by 2020; Target $120m Valuation